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Yoga aimed at YOU!   Beginners and Seniors welcome
32+ classes per month on Zoom (£20/month).

Variety of styles ensures greatest benefit to
both mind and body 
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Range of Styles & Levels

We know that people feel better when they stay active, and we’re proud to offer first-class training in a range of Yoga styles, in Therapeutic Qi Gong and with Guided Meditations/Relaxation. These are provided in the comfort and easy access of your own home through the Zoom app. All you need to do is click on the link that is sent to you an hour before each session. Any questions can be answered in the weekly live Q&A session or individually by phone, text or email. In all yoga sessions options are regularly provided with such phrases as  "or instead you can do this ..... or this". So each person finds the poses and movements that suit them best. On Zoom, nobody else can see you so there is no pressure and no competition.
There is also no travelling time, no fuel costs and no concern about weather or traffic.

About us

Alex is a qualified teacher of:
Hatha Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Dru Yoga for Back Care
Yoga Mixed StyleYin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Therapeutic Qi Gong

Anne is a qualified teacher of:
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Life Coaching

Contact us

For further details, email or 
text 07876404545


sample some of the sessions by 
searching for Yogagold on YouTube.
Our Zoom sessions last from 45mins to an hour but there are some shorter ones on the 
Yogagold YouTube Channel.

Join now

Currently, we offer a free trial period.
If, at the end of this, you want to continue it costs just £20 per month. Cancel any time.
This allows access to at least: 2 Hatha Yoga, 2 Dru Yoga, 
2 Qi Gong and 2 Guided Relaxations

About us

Anne coaches and counsels privately and provides two guided relaxation sessions every week. She is a retired primary school teacher and Deputy Head. Alex is a qualified teacher of Hatha, Kundalini, Mixed Styles, Yin, Restorative and Dru Yoga. He is also qualified to teach Therapeutic Qi Gong. The weekly exercise routine offers 2 each of Hatha, Dru and Qi Gong though the content does change regularly. He previously taught science in secondary schools for 35 years before acting as Education Officer and Tour Guide for Manchester City F.C. for 11 years. He taught yoga in Oldham Council Leisure Centres from 2014 till Covid lock down in 2020.